Day of Service for Homeless Pets with The Pongo Fund

pongo 1.jpg

On Thursday, May 31, Union Gospel Mission teamed up with The Pongo Fund to provide free basic vet care to homeless and low income pet owners.

The Pongo Fund and Union Gospel Mission have been partners for several years. The Pongo Fund has provided Union Gospel Mission with high quality pet food, which the Mission distributes through homeless services and Search + Rescue outreach.  Thursday was the first time that The Pongo Fund's Mobile Animal Hospital had come to Union Gospel Mission.

There was a steady stream of guests with their pets throughout the day, and many were grateful to have the opportunity to have their pets receive veterinary care.

"Pets are very special companions to many of our homeless guests, so it was great to be able to offer this," said Lori Quinney, Union Gospel Mission's food service coordinator and one of the organizers of the event.

Union Gospel Mission hope to collaborate again on an event like this in the future.