LifeChange for Women and their Children


Union Gospel Mission’s LifeChange for Women and Their Children provides a safe, healing home for women and women with children to transform their lives.

If you are struggling with abuse, addiction or homelessness, we can help.

LifeChange is a safe environment to heal from past traumas and to learn how to break free of destructive choices.

LifeChange is not a clinical treatment “program” or a series of steps. It is an intentional Christian community where people help and support each other to break cycles of addiction, abuse and homelessness and live a transformed and abundant life in Jesus.



Getting started

Are you ready for change? Read about what LifeChange offers in detail below.


Basic Services

During the first three months of program the basic needs of the women are met as they establish their goals and receive needed referrals for assessments, medical help, counseling, legal issues, and applications for housing, etc. Women who struggle with addiction can begin to deal with the issues that caused them to become homeless. Other guests may address anger and/or domestic violence issues and/or sharpen their parenting and financial skills. All guests attend two or three bible studies a week.

Extended Program

Our 12-month program is built on top of the foundation of the Basic Services portion and is designed to help women dig deep and break free from addictive and self-destructive patterns. Each program is centered on the bible and can be tailored to a woman’s specific needs. We believe that a long term approach to recovery is important because most self-destructive patterns have taken a lifetime to learn and cannot be resolved within a few short months.

Programs Include

Bible Study — Women learn the truth about God, themselves and others through daily exposure to God’s word.

Case Management — Women receive support and accountability as they connect with community resources and set goals. Case Managers walk along side each woman to make sure all the pieces of their program are working together for each one's long term health. Women work on budgets, credit repair, discipleship, and individualize each program according to the needs of each lady and/or family.

Child Care — We provide safe, on-site child care while women attend their classes and work therapy.

Classes — Classes include boundaries, chemical dependency support, Genesis (addiction recovery), healthy patterns, parenting and more. We also include some classes for moms and their children.

Counseling — Women receive one-on-one mental health counseling to help them work through the complex issues related to addiction and/or abuse. Children also receive counseling if necessary. We also have a certified drug and alcohol counselor on site.

Daily Routine — Women learn how to create and maintain their daily schedules through planning and time management. They are accountable to set and follow through on appointments, classes and work.

Education — Women will have access to improve their computer and office skills at the Learning Education Center. They will learn to build a resume and refine their job search skills. If they do not have their high school diploma they will have the opportunity to get their GED.

Post-graduation — We offer program graduates support while transitioning back into the community by taking care of their basic needs while they are job training and searching for employment and housing. We also offer internship opportunities within our mission for women who are interested.

Work Therapy — Women participate in various job training capacities as part of their program.


Contact Us to get started today

To get an application or learn more about becoming part of LifeChange, contact us using the form below. You can also contact Johnni Olson at 503-802-2271 or by using the form below:

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Want to help? 

Items we currently need most:

  • Baby wipes

  • Disposable razors (for women)

  • Women’s deodorant

  • Nail polish remover (w/no alcohol)

  • Hairspray

  • Face wash

  • Body wash

  • Q-Tips/cotton balls

  • Super tampons

  • Liquid Laundry Pods

  • Diapers (especially sizes 3 to 5)

  • Sunscreen products

  • New women’s clothing (spring/summer & larger sizes)

  • Women’s hoodies

  • Paper towels

  • Toys/activities for older children/teenagers

  • Water toys (no kiddie pools)

  • Outdoor sports equipment

  • Pencil pouches


If you would like to donate any of these items please contact our Office Manager