Real Change in LifeChange: James' Story

We know rock bottom really well. The ugly, raw, real rock bottom. There’s nothing pretty about it. But it’s where we are. Because it’s exactly where we’re called to be. 

In every way possible, James was a broken man. His health, his home, his family—everything had fallen apart. His meals consisted mainly of digging through the trash can outside Burger King. 

“I was in such bad shape I could barely keep going. I really believe that I would have died…” James shares. 

But a story of potential tragedy has become one of hope! James enrolled in our LifeChange program and began the journey of turning his life around.

Now he’s working two jobs and taking an active role in his church. But the best part—is the time he gets to spend with his family. “Because of the help I received, I was able to restore my relationship with my daughter.” 

James is looking forward to the future, and he remembers how he got here. “I know I’m grateful to the donors, volunteers, staff and other residents who help me make it through,” he says.