Not Just a Thrift Store

If you have visited the Union Gospel Mission Thrift Store, you know you have discovered a "hidden gem" among thrift stores in the Portland metro area. One can find many items from daily housewares to designer brand purses. The thrift store is tucked behind a teriyaki restaurant in Tigard off Hwy 99.

Many patrons find great deals on items and find it a wonderful place to shop which benefits LifeChange. The revenue generated from the store helps support the community, giving the men and women a place to work as part of their recovery.

"... it's prepared me to think ahead and to foresee any problems and to be a trouble-shooter" -- Carl Hackley.

Residents like Carl Hackley, learn a variety of skills ranging from customer service skills to managing a team. In addition to helping customers on the floor, the thrift store offers a pick-up service taking donated goods. The men, who pick up the items, learn teamwork by cooperating with one another while solving problems together.

Carl and Jeff help load a couch onto the box truck to deliver it to a customer.

The work the residents perform on a daily basis gradually builds confidence and leadership skills. Moreover, the most vital attribute they learn is discipline. Carl Hackley, resident and dock manager, said, "... it's prepared me to think ahead and to foresee any problems and to be a trouble-shooter."

The thrift store is not only a great place to purchase items at unbeatable prices, but also a fun place to volunteer. If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer while getting the opportunity to know a LifeChange resident, please visit our volunteer page to learn more about volunteering.

Stop by and support the LifeChange community. They would love to meet you!

Watch the video below to lean more about the store.


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