Volunteer Profile: Gary Talboy

Gary's photo Union Gospel Mission volunteer, Gary Talboy, has volunteered as the security supervisor for 13 years at Operation Overcoat in addition to the other three major events each year. Operation Overcoat takes place every September. This large event allows UGM to provide food, clothes, dental care via Medical Teams International, and other services to our homeless guests and anyone else in need in preparation for the winter months ahead.

Gary’s inspiration for volunteering at the mission comes from his love for Christ. Gary serves as an expression of his gratitude for Christ’s everlasting outreach and sacrifice. Contrary to popular “cultural” belief, “love” is not a feeling but rather an action according to Gary. Gary believes that serving is under-rated, and serving others leads to spiritual health. Serving guests at Union Gospel Mission reminds him of the vast blessings he has in his life.

Gary feels encouraged when he sees new faces volunteering. He enjoys the opportunity to speak and engage with the new volunteers while finding out their motives for volunteering. In addition, he encourages the new volunteers to pursue service within their lives. As he serves, Gary has a sense of playing a small, yet, critical part in the ministry of UGM.

Gary shared his compliments about Union Gospel Mission’s management of events, “Over the years the organization of the events has improved dramatically and Union Gospel Mission deserves major ‘kudos’ for a job not only well done, but a job done better each year.” We feel the same way about Gary. Our work would not be possible without the sacrifice of those who faithfully serve year-after-year at our special events. Thank you Gary – and thank you to all of our other wonderful special event volunteers.

If you’re inspired by Gary’s story and want to learn more about how you can take part in volunteering visit ugmportland.org/get-involved/

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