Travis Gonzales: A Father Renewed

Union Gospel Mission provides help to ease the daily struggles of our homeless neighbors from feeding to giving clothing when needed. The mission also serves as a place to help those who struggle with addictions and domestic violence. Travis became a new father but struggled with quitting alcohol. The alcohol led him to live under the Ross Island Bridge for three months. At that time,"I did not want to take the time from chasing what I wanted to do to slow down and be a dad in any way shape or form," said Travis. Travis_FB

He came to UGM once to get a meal and on another occasion to get clothing. A volunteer asked Travis, "What's wrong with you Travis - you look horrible - what's the matter?" Travis responded, "I'm done; I just don't know what to do." The volunteer suggested for Travis to look into LifeChange.

Originally, Travis did not come to UGM for Jesus at all but he started to read the Bible and fell in love with Jesus. He spent two and a half years in the LifeChange community completing all his obligations while he and his future wife worked towards marriage.

Eventually, Travis graduated from the LifeChange community and married. He is able to be a father that wants to teach his son about the strength of humility. He also wants to teach his son how to make educated decisions knowing the positive or negative consequences of his decision.

WATCH Travis in his own words about his past and present.


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