LifeChange Q & A: Doug

doug You may have learned a little bit about LifeChange resident Doug in our May Matching Challenge letter. Learn more about his story: Q: What motivated you to come to LifeChange? A: I was living on the streets. My biological dad told me about LifeChange. My dad and I didn’t have much of a relationship then, but we do now. He told me my cousin Donyell found help in LifeChange. Q: Why did you decide to be part of the LifeChange program? A: I think it was the people. I came to Christ just a few months after coming to LifeChange. There is authenticity here and real community. I have been to other recovery places where I was a “client.” Here it is family. Q: How is your life now? A: I am content. I am spiritually wealthy, and I keep growing spiritually. I am happy to get up each day. I am happy to be living. Q: What would you say to donors who support Union Gospel Mission? A: First, I would say, “Thank you!” You might not know the impact you are making, but what you are doing could touch hundreds of lives. [gap size="100px"] [share facebook="true" twitter="true" google_plus="true" linkedin="true" pinterest="true"]