Volunteer Profile: Rick Patrick

Rick On Fridays, you will find Rick in our main lobby, answering phones and assisting visitors. Rick also helps our food services team distribute food boxes every Friday. He assists those seeking a food box by helping them fill out the proper tracking forms for our food box program.

“He has been such a stellar addition to our volunteer staff and has become indispensable to our Food Box and Lobby Teams,” said Teresa Dosh, Volunteer Director.

Rick is what we call a “high impact volunteer” which is someone who makes a weekly commitment of at least four hours or more, or who is in a position that directly relates to the LifeChange recovery community. Volunteers like Rick, who serve in our administrative volunteer roles, are crucial to fulfilling Union Gospel Mission’s purpose of providing meals, care and recovery to those most in need in our community. We have several volunteers who help in administrative roles here at UGM. These volunteers are the unsung heroes of the work that we do here. They diligently work behind the scenes to make a big difference. We need more administratively gifted volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering in an administrative role, please contact Teresa at teresad@ugmportland.org