Meals Make a Difference: Jim's LifeChange Story

Union Gospel Mission often asks donors to help support providing a meal at $1.92.  The meals help the homeless and also help members of the LifeChange addiction recovery community.  Jim's story helps illustrate how meals make a difference.

Before he came to Union Gospel Mission, Jim was struggling with addiction.  His health became so bad that he ended up in the hospital very weak and unhealthy. The hospital staff let his mother know that it was possible that Jim could die.

Jim came to Union Gospel Mission and became part of the LifeChange addiction recovery community. In LifeChange Jim had access to regular meals and healthy food.

"I was so depleted that I was getting up in the middle of the night to eat," Jim recalls.

Six weeks after coming to Union Gospel Mission, Jim was healthy enough to participate in a 5k fun run.

"It's pretty amazing to go from being so sick to being able to run in a 5K race. The meals were a big part of that," Jim says.

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