"For once I felt loved..." Beautiful Poem of Thanks from a Homeless Guest

God bless the hearts that took the time to give To serve the homeless unselfishly

So that we too may have thrive to live

Operation Overcoat

Has to be the largest in the state

The Union Gospel Mission,

Gave out coats,  shoes, clothing,

and food for your plate

They served the barbeque hamburgers, potato salad, and hot dogs too

"All in the name of Jesus,

Who gave His life for you"

They serve thousands of homeless,

The line stretched 'round the block.

The message was simple,

Just ask, seek and knock.

God will answer,

With more than a helping hand.

Just to love and help each other,

Is the Father's master plan,

I'm sure the workers have families,

And other things to do.

Yet they all made a commitment,

To reach out to you

Thank you Union Gospel Mission

And all who took a part

Through you,

I felt God's love,

Deep down in my heart

Words cannot express

Neither can I explain

The triumph I felt

Over my never ending pain

That I'm homeless and hurting,

And no one cares for me

For once I felt loved

That in itself

Is God's victory

You never know,

How far a little kindness can go

Just one of the many who have been blessed

By Operation Overcoat

Fo' sho!

- Poem by M.C.

UGMCarl ParsonsComment