Union Gospel Mission Gives Relief to November Weather

As the cold and rain hits Portland, OR, the homeless population gathers and waits for the doors of Union Gospel Mission to open at 2 p.m. for the warm lunch offered daily.

Michael Wilson, a LifeChange member and volunteer, talks about the affects of the cold weather on the homeless and himself,  “I feel compassionate and overwhelmed by the love shown to me by my savior, from my addiction and mess that I called life.  When I see the people just sitting out there in the rain and cold I remember how we need to appreciate the little things”

Portland gets around fifty-five percent of its rain from the months of November to February and so it is a welcomed opportunity to Portland’s homeless as they are able to enjoy a warm meal with a roof over their head.  During these fall and winter months Portland Union Gospel Missions provides individuals the opportunity to serve, and to be served, as we build the community of our city and our Lord.

By Matayah Fox

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