Donors "Dare to Share" on Twitter #daretoshare

Last week on Twitter,  an new donor, Jessica, tweeted "Just shipped off a check to help feed those in dire need at@ugmpdx. I dare you to help too!"  She also was kind enough to talk about us on her blog and explain her reason for giving: "This one is new for me, but it is going on my long-term list. Knowing that people are homeless and going without food is deeply disturbing to me. And the fact that many of these people are struggling with addictions saddens me. I am also moved that they choose to let Christ be their biggest influencer. He can make all things possible. If I can help provide even just a handful of meals, I know those on the receiving end are in better shape."

Just a few days later, David Hogan tweeted his support and dare to share! We are so thankful for our donors and their hearts to share with those in need.

As we approach the holiday season, we hope that many others in the Portland community dare to share with the many great organizations that are helping people in need and making our community a better place.

Let's #daretoshare and encourage others to do the same!

UGMCarl ParsonsComment