Video: Real Change in LifeChange: Zach’s Story

Zach’s life was spiraling out of control due to his meth addiction. Things changed for Zach when he joined the men’s LifeChange recovery community.  In LifeChange, Zach opened his heart to Jesus and found purpose in serving the Mission’s homeless guests.

Real Change in LifeChange: Zach's Story from Union Gospel Mission on Vimeo.

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Stacy KeanVideo: Real Change in LifeChange: Zach’s Story

2 Comments on “Video: Real Change in LifeChange: Zach’s Story”

  1. Paul Hackley

    I want to come back to LifeChange, I I’ve realized I’m not smart enough to do recovery on my own. I am in ICU at Legacy Emmanuel in detox. A few months ago Clint said he would be open for me to rerun, barring I try to embrace the UGMWay, I need help and an application ASAP. Can a Mens application be sent to the Legacy Emanual fax number at 503-413-4126 attention Paul Hackley? How soon can I interview for the application, and do approvals still meet on Wednesdays/?

    1. Stacy Kean

      Hi Paul – This is Stacy – I forwarded this to Tim Taylor who is doing intakes. He will have the information you need.

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