Soul Food From Union Gospel Mission: Easter Ambrosia Salad

One of the special menu items for our guests this Easter Sunday is Easter Ambrosia salad. We went into the kitchen with our camera to film Lori, Union Gospel Mission's food service coordinator in action. We have included Lori's recipe after the video if you would like to make this dish for your family and friends this Easter.

Ambrosia Salad

96 oz. of fruit cocktail

28 oz. of mandarin oranges

5.5 oz. of fruit flavored mini marshmallows

2 cups of coconut

16 oz. of whipped topping or real whipping cream

Red food color

Mix all ingredients together thoroughly except the red food color. After all ingredients are combined, then tint to a light pink color with the red food color.

Decoration for top of salad-

1 cup of coconut

Green food color

Jelly beans (pastel look the best)

In a separate zip lock bag, add a cup of coconut and a drop or two of green food color to tint to the color of grass. Close bag and shake until all coconut is colored.

After you put the mixed up salad in desired serving bowl, place some of the green tinted coconut in the center of the salad like a nest and then place the color jelly beans in the center.

Variations:  You could also use canned tropical fruit salad or fresh fruit and of course any food colors you desire.