Noah's Story

As the lead singer in an up-and-coming rock band, Noah was living the Rock ’n Roll dream. “I was having fun, I wasn’t thinking of addiction. Every night was a party for us.”

Then the band broke up. “No party, no concert, no band, but I still had this monkey on my back that needed to be fed,” he recalls. “Addiction is a funny thing. A major part of it is denial … the lie overrules everything else.”

Noahs Story.jpeg

Noah’s sister encouraged him to seek help through a local faith-based recovery program. “I called out to Jesus, I didn’t expect anything to happen, but something did,” he says.

Unfortunately shortly after leaving that program Noah relapsed. Discouraged and lost with no direction again, Noah knew he wasn’t done yet. He was torn between living for this world or living for God. Soon he entered the doors of the Union Gospel Mission LifeChange program. Noah thrived at UGM taking a leadership role in the newly formed Search+Rescue program. “To have the opportunity to serve is very powerful,” said Noah. “It’s powerful to have someone tell you that you’ve made a difference in their life”.

Today, Noah just got back from a mission trip to Uganda with his church home. He explains, “I’m looking to work in ministry. If I move forward in faith, God will be with me; the rainy days won’t seem that bad.”