Chris’s Story: So much better with Christ in the center of my life

Chris, a Portland native, was a shy child. In college Chris found that alcohol gave him confidence and helped him develop a social life. Soon the casual drinking became a chronic problem.

Drinking turned to drugs and drugs turned to criminal activity. After three DUI’s Chris hit rock bottom…again. After burning all his bridges and his mother giving him an ultimatum, he found the Union Gospel Mission.

Initially Chris did really well at UGM’s LifeChange, but after eight months he decided it was time for him to go back out on his own. Deep wounds take time to heal properly, taking off the bandages too early can introduce infection…Chris relapsed. This time the ultimatum came from Chris’s son “If you lie to me again, I won’t believe you anymore” he said. “You need to go back to the Mission.”

“Due to the Mission I’m back in a place now where I’m doing better than ever,” explains Chris, “this path led me to find God.” Chris is now back in the LifeChange program to build a better future and looking to get into ministry, “I want to change lives so that people don’t need to go through what I went through.”

Some people resort to the consumption of alcohol in an effort to deal with their anxiety issues. However, most often this backfires and can turn into substance-induced anxiety exacerbating the original problem. (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA))

UGM’s LifeChange is a Christ-centered recovery program where residents live and work in a community of people committed to transforming their lives and breaking the grip of addiction. LifeChange consists of fundamental classes, counseling, work therapy, discipleship and transitional after care, at no cost to the resident.

If you know of someone battling addiction or homelessness and they have had enough and are interested in a LifeChange, then contact our Intake Coordinator at or 503-274-4483.

Keith FeherComment