From Chaos to Tranquility

Tiffany's family_FB

Tiffany's family_FB

Parenting has its difficulties, but imagine taking care of six children. Tiffany is not just a mom, but she is a super mom. When asked what a day was like for her she said, “chaos to say the least.”

This Mother’s Day is special for Tiffany and her children. They now live in a safe and nurturing environment. Tiffany has one less thing to worry about while raising her children.

Before coming to LifeChange for Women and Their Children, Tiffany was in an unhealthy relationship. Tiffany dated a man who would talk down and would try to control her. He tried having her do things she thought of as immoral.

One night, he tried to strangle her in a jealous rage. Thankfully, Tiffany’s oldest daughter and friend walked in to prevent it from going further. Tiffany kicked him out that night.

Tiffany’s situation became worse. The apartment manager evicted her believing she had two unauthorized people living with her. This was not the case.

With no place to go, she and her family moved in with her uncle. Life was not easy at her uncle’s. Her aunt often threatened to kick her family out because of her daughters fighting much of the time. She quickly had to find a new place to live.

April 1, 2016_1_FB

April 1, 2016_1_FB

“I feel like there has been a lot of change for them. They’ve improved a lot since being here.”

Tiffany learned about LifeChange and called everyday for two months to see if space was available. She finally had an interview and the director invited her and her children to move in.

Tiffany never imagined living with other women but said, “I enjoy being around all the women … it’s fun here.” The other women show a loving kindness to her, helping her when she needs downtime.

Tiffany and her children now have tranquility living in a structured environment. The children are calmer. “I feel like there has been a lot of change for them. They’ve improved a lot since being here,” said Tiffany. The children's comfort level has grown significantly. They frequently tease staff and interact with volunteers.

Give and Honor Your Mom by Helping a Mom this Mother’s Day. Your gift help ensures mothers, like Tiffany, have a place to escape domestic violence.