Daily Gratitude

My life has changed so much since I have come to LifeChange. I thank God everyday for what He has done. Before LifeChange, I was alone, lost and depressed. God was not in my life. I turned to drugs and alcohol to try to escape reality. Because of my addiction, I was homeless more times than not.

"I only bring this up to show how much God has done in my life."

Shanon doing data entry.

The mission has given me a safe opportunity to grow up, to learn to trust God and others. Hope, loved, renewed, joy, happiness, free, and peace are just a few words to explain my life now. This is only possible because of my relationship with Jesus Christ.

God has given me a great new family at the mission, has given a church to love me, has taught me – and yes –  disciplined me.

Now – for the first time in my life – I have hope for the future.

Thank you.


LifeChange resident ShanonLifeChange resident, Shanon Ruthelford, wrote this blog post. He is a LifeChange community member at Union Gospel Mission completing the Discovery Phase of the program.