UGM Staff Q and A: Leah

If you have stopped by the UGM Thrift Store, you may have run into the only employee who works out there. Her name is Leah, and ever since she started working there, the thrift store has flourished with her at the helm. Read a little about her and the thrift store.  Leah_Beckett_edited_blog  

Q: What role do you play at the thrift store?

A: By title, I am the thrift store general manager. I am responsible for the general day-to-day operations of the store. Overseeing a team of LifeChange residents from both the men's and women's LifeChange Communities, I am blessed to walk along side individuals as they accomplish a variety of work therapy skills. I am an advocate for my brothers and sisters; a friend, a mediator, a teacher, a student and a daughter of the Lord Almighty.

Q: What do you like best about your job?

A: There are so many things that I love about my job. The incredible donors. The customers that we know and love. But honestly, the most incredible part of each day is my team. No matter what the day has brought, I am so very thankful for them and all they do. Leah and Paul_FB

Q: How could a person help the thrift store?

A: A person can help the thrift store by a simple act of kindness. Donate lightly-used resellable goods. Volunteer a couple of hours. Tell a friend about us. Say a kind word to the men and women residents that make the store a possibility.

Q: What kind of atmosphere could a person expect when visiting the thrift store?

A: At the very least, I hope it is an atmosphere of fun or perhaps, even that feeling of finding that perfect hidden treasure. At the very most, I would hope the atmosphere would be one of hospitality.

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