Emergency Cold Weather Update

During the recent snow and ice storm in Portland, Union Gospel Mission provided emergency overnight shelter for over 400 people, as well as providing hot coffee, snacks and food throughout the day.

For overnight emergency shelter, Union Gospel Mission opens up it's dining room and has as many as 70 people sleeping on mats on the dining room floor. Union Gospel Mission provides sleeping bags and blankets.

In addition, Union Gospel Mission has been giving away coats, hats, gloves and socks to help keep the homeless warm.  Demand has been very high. One of the items that is always in highest demand is socks, especially in the wet, cold weather.

You can help Union Gospel Mission stock back up on two key items: socks and sleeping bags, and you can do it right from your computer! You can purchase socks and sleeping bags from the Mission's Amazon's Wish List. The items will ship directly to the Mission and given to a person in need.

It's very simple! CLICK HERE  to view the list and purchase!

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