LifeChange Beach Camping Trip

The weekend of August 9, the LifeChange community packed up their tents and headed out for a weekend camping trip.  The LifeChange community works hard at the Mission, providing services to our homeless guests, as well as working full time at Union Gospel Mission's thrift store in Tigard.  It was time for a summer breather and time to fish, hike, and enjoy the beach.

As people grow and establish new lives in recovery they need to replace destructive habits with new, healthy habits.  For many people trapped in addiction, the idea of "fun" was connected to alcohol and drug use.  During LifeChange outings, like the camping trip, residents learn to have fun in a healthy way and form new friendships and hobbies.

Union Gospel Mission is so thankful for the LifeChange alumni who helped plan the camping trip and the volunteers that stepped in to help cover the LifeChange positions at the Mission and at the Tigard thrift store!

UGMCarl ParsonsComment