Your Support Changes Lives: Devin's Story

For ten years Devin drank every day, “I needed to drink when I woke up until I blacked out at night from drinking,” he recalls.

Six months before he came into LifeChange he was unemployed had burned every bridge with family and friends, “I had given up. I lost the desire to do anything; I thought I would just drink myself to death,” Devin remembers.

Devin’s mom let him know about LifeChange, and Devin came into the program in April 2011.

“Things are so different now. It’s challenging to live a new life because I have been drinking since I was 13. I am much happier and I have joy in my life. I’m focused on my relationship with God and trusting in Him that I will have what I need,” says Devin of his life now.

“Before I came to Union Gospel Mission, I seriously contemplated suicide. I had burned all my bridges. This place offered me a chance when no one else would.”

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