Helping Someone Find Addiction Recovery

Dan Nelson Enters LifeChange Dan Nelson after LifeChange

Comparing these two pictures, its hard to believe it's the same person- but it is!

Dan Nelson had been addicted for years, struggling to get by.  Like many addicts, he had times when he could function in his addiction and hold down a job.  Other times he relied on family to get by.

Like many other parents of adult children who are deep in addiction, Dan's mom, Marlene, struggled with what she could do to help her son.  Providing a place to live and other help wasn't helping Dan escape his addiction.

Marlene found about Union Gospel Mission's LifeChange addiction recovery community.  LifeChange is a Christ-centered addiction recovery community where men and women live and work at the Mission and learn to transform their lives.   Marlene let Dan know about LifeChange.  Dan applied and became part of the LifeChange community.  Dan was skeptical at first- he planned only to stay a short time to please his mom.  However, as Dan spent time in LifeChange, he realized that it was a place not only for recovery, but a place to develop an authentic relationship with God and heal from past hurts that were keeping him trapped in addiction.  Dan graduated from LifeChange and joined the Union Gospel Mission staff as an Admissions Coordinator.  Dan helps applicants decide if LifeChange is the right fit for them and helps them come into the LifeChange recovery community.

Most LifeChange residents find out about LifeChange through a family member, a friend, or a pastor.  If you know someone trapped in addiction, there is space available for men and women in LifeChange.  The LifeChange application is now online or give Dan a call at 503-274-4483 ex 512.

There is hope for a loved one trapped in addiction at LifeChange!