After the Robbery: The Thrift Store Bounces Back

As many of you may know,  our revenue from our thrift store was stolen last Saturday.  You may have seen some of the news stories about it, notably on KGW - click here for the story- and on KPTV - click here to see KPTV's coverage.  Our LifeChange resident, Linda, was taking the deposit to the US Bank, when she was approached by two men and robbed at gunpoint.  The deposit was Saturday's earnings at the store and was more than $1,100. Thankfully, no one was hurt.  Linda was very shaken by the experience but is doing better.  Even though it is shocking and upsetting that someone threatened Linda,  and stole money that would have gone to support addiction recovery, food for the homeless and other services, we are praying for those two men involved in this crime.  We are hoping that whatever is driving them to commit crimes would come to an end and in their brokenness they would seek out God and turn away from what they are doing.

The thrift store team is putting new procedures in place to maximize safety for the LifeChange residents handling money for the store and ways to decrease the chance of a future problem.  Our regular customers have been very supportive, and life at the store is back to normal.

We are also preparing for our annual Customer Appreciation Day.  This will take place on Friday February 25 during the regular store hours from 10:00 am - 5:30 pm.  It will be a ton of fun! There will be free sandwiches from Big Town Hero,  select clothing items will be on sale for just one dollar, and there will be chances to win "Super Coupons" and choose items in the "Prize Zone!"

We would really like to see you there! Come out and support the thrift store! We are located at 11611 SW Pacific Hwy in Tigard, and for more information give us a call at 503-639-6488.