Mikey and Tiffany: God wasn’t giving up on us

Mikey and Tiffany have been married for almost three years now. Time together is precious. Mikey puts in long hours working as a welder and Tiffany works two jobs. They have a nice two bedroom apartment in Beaverton and just bought a car. Life is good, it’s not easy, but it’s good. “God provided the way for us,” says Mikey.

Four years ago Mikey and Tiffany met at a local recovery program. Both Mikey and Tiffany have had struggles with addiction. Mikey started smoking pot at the age of 5, “drugs were always around me as a kid.” Tiffany struggled with pain pills. “When I heard Tiffany’s testimony at an AA meeting I knew I was going to marry this girl,” laughs Mikey.

Mikey and Tiffany had a Christ focused courtship. They were active in church and in recovery meetings, the first year of marriage was great, things were going well. After a short time Tiffany started sliding into depression, “I started getting really depressed from not being with my children from my first marriage,” said Tiffany, “I fell back into using…and Mikey fell with me.”

 “We started getting less and less connected to our church and Bible study groups,” said Mikey, “then when things got bad we had no support.”

A short time after relapsing Tiffany knew she needed help, so she entered the Union Gospel Mission’s LifeChange for Women and Their Children. Mikey, on the other hand fell deeper into his addiction, “things got really dark,” exclaims Mikey. After a chance meeting Mikey tried to reconcile the relationship, but he was still in his addiction. “If you love me, you need to come to the program,” Tiffany told Mikey.

With Mikey in LifeChange for Men and Tiffany in LifeChange for Women and Their Children they began to try and rebuild the marriage, “over time, we learned each other’s lives again,” says Mikey.

For a time they had limited contact with each other “you have to get to know yourself and be strong for yourself before you can be good to anyone else,” says Mikey.

In the second phase of recovery they began to go to marriage conferences together, they would call every night and pray together. “It’s what you do after relapse that matters,” proclaims Tiffany, “continuing to do the next right thing…God honors that.”

It’s what you do after relapse that matters

Now lives are being rebuilt, relationships are being mended. Tiffany smiles and says, “God wasn’t giving up on us.”

UGM’s LifeChange is a Christ-centered recovery program where residents live and work in a community of people committed to transforming their lives and breaking the grip of addiction.

If you know of someone battling addiction or homelessness and are interested in a LifeChange, then contact our Intake Coordinator at mensintake@ugmportland.org or 503-274-4483. Women can contact LifeChange for Women and Their Children at 503-802-2271

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