Search + Rescue Outreach Volunteer Opportunities

sr-image-1Starting Sunday, October 16, Union Gospel Mission's Search + Rescue outreach van will be going out five evenings per week to connect with the homeless living on the streets or camping in the greater Portland area. The outreach van will be distributing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, coffee, socks, hygiene items and other survival gear to not only meet basic needs, but to also build relationships with the homeless population to connect them with services. Union Gospel Mission needs volunteers to help with this new outreach! The Search + Rescue van operates Sunday through Thursday nights from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Volunteers meet at Union Gospel Mission at 3 N.W. Third Avenue for brief orientation and then load the Search + Rescue van with supplies and head out to various locations through out the greater Portland area to distribute sandwiches, coffee, socks, hygiene items and other necessities. One of the key goals of the Search + Rescue outreach is to establish relationships with people living on the streets. At each stop the Search + Rescue team will have an opportunity to get to know the people we are serving.

Interested? Sign-up to attend a volunteer orientation we call "Volunteer Encounter" or email CJ Entringer at

Note: To participate in Search + Rescue you will need to sign-up in advance. This is not a "drop-in" volunteer opportunity.