Inside Union Gospel Mission's Dayroom

Union Gospel Mission serves its homeless guest Tuesday - Saturday for lunch, dinner, and breakfast twice a week. The dayroom opens every day at 2 p.m. to feed the homeless guests and those looking for a hot meal until 4 p.m. Jair, who is in the LifeChange Program, talks a little about what the mission served for the day to the guests and allowing guests to sit in on a movie while taking a break from the rain.


Jojoe, communications coordinator at Union Gospel Mission, went to help serve food with the men in LifeChange. "I was amazed to see how quickly and how many people came in today to the mission," said Jojoe. Within the first 45 minutes, about 260 guests came in to eat a hot meal and to relax for a bit. You can help provide a meal at Union Gospel Mission for only $1.92.



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