Union Gospel Mission is Not Soliciting Donations or Selling Magazines Door to Door

Recently, we have received information that people may be selling magazines and/or asking for donations door to door on our behalf.  Union Gospel Mission is not engaging in this activity. These individuals are not representatives of Union Gospel Mission. If someone comes to your home soliciting a donation or selling a magazine subscription on behalf of Union Gospel Mission, please contact Stacy Kean, communications director, at stacyk@ugmportland.org or call 503-274-4483.

Please share this information.

Update: As of June 13, 2016 we have received reports of people going door-to-door in Oregon City claiming to be selling magazines subscriptions falsely claiming to benefit Union Gospel Mission.  Please try to get information about the seller or the seller's vehicle license plate and report it to the local police non-emergency phone line. [gap size="100px"] [share facebook="true" twitter="true" google_plus="true" linkedin="true" pinterest="true"]