Honor Your Mom by Helping a Mom

Sarah & Tyce_2_800X533

Sarah & Tyce_2_800X533

Sadly, women are among the fastest growing segments of the homeless in our community. Some of the homeless women are mothers. Every  woman's story is unique. Some are fleeing domestic violence, others are struggling with addiction.

For Sarah, it was alcoholism. She struggled to keep up with a demanding job and motherhood. She was drinking to cope with all the stress in her life. Eventually, her drinking almost ended her life. She was separated from her son for a time.

Today, Sarah and her son are getting the help they need at Union Gospel Mission's LifeChange Center for Women and Their Children. In LifeChange, Sarah and her son have safe housing and healthy meals. They are in a Jesus centered environment receiving counseling and more. They are healing from trauma and building a new life.

We have a unique opportunity for you to help moms like Sarah and honor your own mom at the same time. Here's how it works:

  • Decide how much you wish to donate:

    • $121 provides a day of housing, meals, counseling and more for one woman and one child

    • $71 provides a day of housing, meals, counseling, job training and more for one woman

    • $50 provides a day of housing, meals, counseling and care for one child

    • Dedicate - be sure to check the dedication box in the green bar on the special donate page. This will allow you to select and send an e-card to honor your mom. You can "preview" your card and message before you send it.

    • Donate - Go to the Honoring Moms by Helping Moms giving page to make your donation!