Welcome Baskets

When a person goes somewhere new for the first time such as a new job, organization or party, that person wants to feel welcomed. The same goes for women and their children who come to Union Gospel Mission's LifeChange Center for Women and Their Children. When women and children come to the Center for the first time, the experience may be a little overwhelming. They enter a new living environment while meeting many new faces and adapting to their new living situation.

To help ease the transition into the new environment, the Center gives the woman and children a welcome basket. These welcome baskets show the new residents that they are entering a safe environment while not having to worry about the having essentials. The basket includes the following items:

The welcome basket includes a variety of items such as shampoo, wash cloths and bath towels to name a few.

• Laundry basket

• Shower caddy

•Bath towels (2)

•Wash cloths (2)

• Shampoo/conditioner


• Loofah

• Tooth paste/tooth brush

• Bar of soap

• Disposable razor (3)

• Deodorant

• Feminine hygiene products

• Laundry pods/dryer sheets

• Cotton-balls/Q-Tips

• Slippers or slipper socks

• Water bottle

• Toilet Paper

• Journal/Bible

If you would like to donate any of these items to the LifeChange Center for Women and Their Children, please email Dayna Dixon, office manager, at daynad@ugmportland.org or call 503-802-2271.

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