Volunteers Can Help Us Fill Gaps

Volunteers can help us fill gaps in more ways than one. At Union Gospel Mission, we are so grateful for the help the volunteers provide. Volunteers are essential to everything we do. sign in We are asking that all volunteers help us fill another gap- a knowledge gap. To effectively serve our community, and fill all the essential volunteer roles at the Mission, we need to know when volunteers are serving. We are asking all volunteers to sign in and sign out when they come and serve. Your area supervisor can explain how and where to sign in and out.

By faithfully signing in and out, we can make sure that all volunteer roles are covered. We can also measure the tremendous outpouring of time and talent from our amazing volunteers!

We are thankful for your support in helping us keep track of all the wonderful volunteer activity at Union Gospel Mission.

If you have questions regarding volunteer sign-in/out, please contact CJ Entringer, at cjentringer@ugmportland.org [gap size="100px"] [share facebook="true" twitter="true" google_plus="true" linkedin="true" pinterest="true"]