Change in Special Event Sign-up Process for Veteran Volunteers

change sign Starting with Operation Overcoat, we will be signing up Special Event volunteers on a first come first serve basis.  We will no longer be automatically reserving spots for the past year’s Special Event volunteers. The primary reason we are making this change is to simplify the volunteer coordination process.  The sheer act of coordinating 200+ individuals for each event is a challenge in itself.  Add to that the challenge of reserving spots for last year’s volunteers, only to have them cancel or not respond until the last minute, and the challenge becomes exponentially more difficult.  In addition to simplifying volunteer coordination efforts, we also believe that it is important to give new volunteers opportunities to get involved in the more popular events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. We greatly value our volunteers who return year after year to selflessly serve those in need, and it is our hope that you will continue to do so.  In an effort to give you the opportunity to sign up for events on time, if you have volunteered for a Special Event in the past, we will be sending you a reminder email before beginning the sign-ups for each event.  Please keep your eyes peeled for those emails throughout event season.  If you contact Bernadette Gonzales at, right when you receive a reminder email, you will be signing up in plenty of time and should be able to secure a spot in your preferred area of involvement.