Giving Hope During Spring Break

A group of seven students on spring break from the University of Montana's Chi Alpha Ministries visited UGM  this week and volunteered with assembling Hope Totes. UMontana XA Ministries What's Hope Tote?

Hope Tote is part of UGM's Easter campaign that provides an opportunity for individuals and/or caring groups to give real help to struggling homeless men, women, and children in the Portland area. These items will be passed out at UGM during our Easter brunch.

Hope Totes are purple plastic bags that come filled with inexpensive travel sized items like soap, shampoo, toothpaste and warm, clean socks. These basic hygiene items can make a big difference in the way homeless people live and feel about themselves.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering, contact the Volunteer Coordinator for Groups and Events, Bernadette Gonzales, at

Hope Tote bag_FB

Inside a Hope Tote bag_FBUMontana_Hope Tote_5_FB UMontana_Hope Tote_3_FB UMontana_Hope Tote_1_FB

Photos by Jojoe Nujoy


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