LifeChange is a Christ-centered addiction recovery community. When you join the LifeChange community you live and work with people committed to transforming their lives and breaking free of destructive life patterns.

LifeChange is not a clinical treatment “program” or a series of steps. It is an intentional Christian community where people help and support each other to break cycles of addiction, abuse and homelessness and live a transformed and abundant life in Jesus.

LifeChange for Men

Our program for men is located at 3 NW Third Avenue in Portland. For more information, visit LifeChange for men or contact Tim Taylor at or call 503-274-4483.

LifeChange for Women and Their Children

Our program for single women and for women with children is located in Beaverton. For more details, visit our LifeChange for Women page.

Contact Johnni Olson at 503-802-2271 for more information or email